The Last Legacy by Adrienne Young

The Last Legacy by Adrienne Young is a stand alone book set in the same world as the Fable duology. I actually bought my copy of The Last Legacy before reading Fable and before I even bought Namesake. I didn’t realize that this book was set in the same world when I bought it, but I definitely don’t regret it. Like always, I will not have any spoilers for The Last Legacy.




On Bryn Roth’s eighteenth birthday a letter from her uncle Henrik arrives to summon her back to Bastian. Bryn is eager to take her place in her family and prove herself.

Despite Henrik having plans for Bryn, she must earn her family’s trust if she wants to wield any power in the fragile structure of her family. Soon Bryn comes to the realization that the Roths are intertwined with shadows. Even though they are gaining influence in upper society Bastian, the Roths are still dipping their toes in the dark business that killed Bryn’s parents years ago. Now with a forbidden love and treacherous work before her, being accepted into the Roth family may be too high of a price for Bryn to pay.




In The Last Legacy, we are still in the same world as Fable. However, instead of being in the Narrows, Bryn’s story takes place in Bastian. We get to take a deep dive into the Roth family, the infamous family that Auster escaped, and what it takes to be one of them. I’m really happy that The Last Legacy focuses on this family that was on the edge of the story in the Fable duology, but was also so important to the story. One thing I will say is I wish all these books were longer. Not just because I enjoy longer books, but this world and these characters are so interesting I don’t want it to end.

First, Bryn is a Roth that grew up outside of Bastian apart from the Roth family’s shady business. However, she was trained with the knowledge to make her own stake and proper manners, unlike the Roths. Bryn isn’t delicate though, she is eloquent, cunning, and hot tempered. I love how she’s a proper lady with a scheming mind that breaks boundaries. Then there’s the mysterious Ezra. A quiet man, he’s part of the Roth family, but not by blood. Ezra’s a valuable member, trusted and respected by almost the entire family. Other than Henrik, no one questions Ezra and comes to him first if there’s a problem. Bryn’s the only one willing to question and challenge him. Their relationship is a surprising one, and honestly wish their romance was more focused on. I need more of Bryn and Ezra, especially Ezra, and hope their story isn’t finished yet.


Favorite Quotes


“Ahead, Bastian unfolded like a book and a small smile lifted on my lips. It was a city of stories. But not all of them had happy endings.”

“He was the kind of creature that was as beautiful to look at as he was unnerving.”

“You might be the only soul in Bastian to be left standing after putting hands on that scary bastard.”

“He was embarrassed and the thought delighted me. I liked seeing him that way.”

“Our beginnings were humble, but he’s made his own fate from a very unlikely set of stars.”

“”I’d rather see you leave Bastian than see you with him.” “With Coen?” “With anyone.””

“I’d been angry that night, but it had been the first moment that I felt like someone had seen me. Not the girl I was so good at pretending to be. The on that lived inside me.”


Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


Spice Rating: 0🌶️/5


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