Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard

Realm Breaker by Victoria Aveyard is the first book of the Realm Breaker series. I’ve read Victoria Aveyard’s other series Red Queen, and I did enjoy the first two books, however the last two I started to lose interest. When I saw this book, I didn’t initially realize it was written by Victoria Aveyard, but the story seemed more in my wheel house. Knowing that the story was something I’d more likely enjoy and that her writing style was promising, I decided to give Realm Breaker a chance. Like always, I will not have any spoilers for Realm Breaker.




There is a darkness growing in Allward.

In her small town by the sea, even Corayne an-Amarat is able to feel it.

Then she discovers the truth: Corayne is the last of a very ancient bloodline and the last hope to save the realm. However, she isn’t alone. Despite darkness falling, Corayne is accompanied by:

A squire, having to choose between family and honor.
An immortal, getting revenge for a broken promise.
An assassin, cast out and vicious.
An ancient sorceress, hiding the future in her rhymes.
A forger with a hidden past.
A bounty hunter looking to settle a score.

Together, this group must go up against a ruthless foe, invincible and focused to destroy all the kingdoms, and an army like one the realm has never seen.




First I have to say that I am so happy with how Realm Breaker turned out. The story and writing style is completely different from Victoria Aveyard’s other series, Red Queen. Granted I did enjoy the first two books in that series, but I enjoyed the writing style and storyline of Realm Breaker much more. Not only that, but I haven’t read a book that was set up in this sort of way before.

So the way that Realm Breaker is set up is multiple points of views with D&D vibes. That is the best way I can describe it. We follow a few characters with the goal of saving the realm and they pick up more adventurers along the way. No two characters are alike, have different backgrounds, and unique skill sets. Literally the most “let’s go on a quest” book I’ve ever read.

Since there are seven characters in the group and then the bad guys, I’m going to focus on the two characters that intrigue me most. That would be Sorasa and Taristan. First, neither of these characters would be considered the main character, but Taristan is the main villain so far. The reason I find them intriguing is because Sorasa is a capable and interesting character with a mysterious past, and Taristan doesn’t have a point of view. For me, Sorasa is intriguing for the typical reasons I like female characters. On the other hand, Taristan is intriguing because there aren’t a lot of scenes with him, and the way he acts is conflicting. When we see him, he’s the villain trying to destroy the realm, but has moments where he’s considerate and I like him. I can’t wait to see more of Taristan’s character and where his development goes.


Favorite Quotes


But I am not a shelf of books eager to be picked through.

“Boys do stupid things to feel like men, no matter how old they are.”

Only men can speak all day long and still think themselves silent.

“She’s seen our faces and she won’t stop rhyming. We need to kill her.”

“They left me screaming in the wilderness. And I became someone else’s sword, someone else’s beast.”


Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


Spice Rating: 0🌶️/5


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