Fable by Adrienne Young

Fable by Adrienne Young is the first book in the Fable series. I picked this book up because the cover art is just beautiful. Not only that, but I found it intriguing that the main character’s name is Fable. However, I only realized that Fable is a pirate story after starting to read it. Like always, I will not have any spoilers for Fable.




The sea is the only home that 17 year old Fable, the daughter of the top trader in the Narrows, has ever known. Now 4 years have passed since she witnessed her mother drown during an unrelenting storm. The day after that fateful night, Fable’s father abandons her on an island overrun with thieves and little to no food. In order to survive, Fable must become a loner, trust only herself, and use the unique skills taught to her by her mother. Her goal of getting off the island and claiming her rightful place next to her father is the only thing that keeps Fable going. To achieve this goal, Fable convinces West, a young trader, to take her across the Narrows and finally off that island.

However, Fable’s father’s trading enterprise and competition has increased since she last saw him. Not only that, but West isn’t exactly who Fable thought he was. Now the two must survive more than devastating storms that hound the Narrows to remain alive.




In Fable, we follow our main character Fable on her journey to reclaim her rightful place next to her father. However, Fable has to figure out how to make enough money on an island of thieves to convince a crew to get her to where she has to go. Of course she chooses the crew that is the least willing to take her aboard. Except when West, the captain of the ship, begrudgingly agrees to take Fable as a passenger, the entire crew and Fable are shocked. No one expects where Fable and the crew’s journey takes them. I never expected to enjoy a pirate story, but the story is unique and the characters are diverse.

I’m going to discuss Fable when talking about the characters, and just touch on West. Since these two characters are discussed in the description, I don’t feel that I’m spoiling anything by discussing them. Now Fable is an interesting character: dumped on an island overrun by thieves at 13, always knows more than expected, and has unique and rare skills no one else has. Like always, I love how Fable is overall a very kind individual, but she still has an attitude where no one is going to tell her what to do and she is willing to get her hands dirty if necessary. When her backstory is told and her unique skills are discovered, that adds a whole new intrigue to not only Fable, but the story. For a little while I wasn’t sure how I felt about West, and I’m still not 100% sure. At the moment I’m leaning pretty hard towards liking West. He’s a complicated and mysterious character, but seems to have a good heart. I believe Namesake will be what makes or breaks West for me.


Favorite Quotes


“He looked at me with a hundred stories lit behind his eyes.”

“I underestimated my ability to be on this ship with you and not touch you.”

“She was the pattern of stars that he navigated by, the sum of all directions on his compass. And he was lost without her.”

“The stars and moon hid, giving no sign of where the sea ended and the sky began, and I liked the feeling. Like we were floating in the air.”

“She was the sun and the sea and the moon in one. She was the north star that pulled us to the shore.”


Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


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