Bone Crier’s Dawn by Kathryn Purdie

Bone Crier’s Dawn by Kathryn Purdie is the second and final book in The Bone Grace series. This book came out earlier this year, barely a month ago actually. I immediately purchased it before finishing Bone Crier’s Moon just so I would be able to just continue the story and finish the series. Like always, I will not have any spoilers for Bone Crier’s Dawn.




By sacrificing their amourés, Bone Criers gain the powers they need to ferry the dead to the afterlife like they’ve done for centuries. However Ailesse and Sabine, both Bone Criers, along with Bastien, are attempting to change that and rewrite the order of the afterlife. For if the three are unable to break Ailesse’s soul bond with her amouré, she might die, just like Bastien’s father.

Now Sabine is struggling to keep her authority as matrone of her famille, a role Ailesse is destined for, while fighting to master the vicious jackal grace inside her.

Even Bastien is facing a new dilemma while the spirits of the Underworld are threatening the souls of not only his friends, but his father as well.

Lastly, Ailesse must attempt to resist the siren song her mother sings to her while she’s drawn into a personal version of the Underworld. Will Ailesse be able to save her friends if she’s disconnected from their world?




In Bone Crier’s Dawn, there is much more at stake than revenge and completing a ritual. The gang: Ailesse, Sabine, Bastien, Jules, Marcel, and Cas, are on a mission to send the dead to the afterlife, save Ailesse from the fate her mother wants for her, and put an end to soul bonds and killing.

Now I enjoy how the dynamics of the group is in Bone Crier’s Dawn, they are slowly becoming friends and not just people working together for similar goals. My favorite friendship is Ailesse and Marcel, even though Marcel doesn’t have as large of a role as Ailesse does, their friendship is genuine and adorable. Not only that, but the relationship between Ailesse and Bastien is completely adorable. Even though Ailesse isn’t soul bonded to Bastien, she loves him and rejects her soul bond with Cas. Besides choosing Bastien, Ailesse breaks all the rules to help her friends. Even while knowing that she could doom her soul, Ailesse is loyal to her friends and what she believes is right.

Not only does Bone Crier’s Dawn have the thrill of saving souls, but it has sweet romantic moments. Normally, I love the action, but the romance is just so sweet. Even though Ailesse and Bastien are separated, you can feel the pure love they have. I won’t lie, I’m very sad that there are only two books in this series. I feel like it ended too soon. However, the story is amazing and very well thought out. As much I would love another book, I am very satisfied with how it ended.


Favorite Quotes


“Their peace is my peace, and it satisfies far deeper than revenge.”

“Love is a choice. It isn’t written in the stars.”

“You’re my soul’s song. My only love. My life eternal.”

“”I’m tired of being second best.” Even if I am.

“Our Light is stronger than your flames, Tyrus.”


Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


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