Finale by Stephanie Garber

Finale by Stephanie Garber is the third and finale book in The Caraval series. Going forward with this review, I am going to assume you have either read the previous book, or my review for that book. If you haven’t read either, be prepared for some spoilers. Like always, I will not have any spoilers for Finale.




It’s been two months since the Fates were released from the cursed deck of cards, Legend claimed the throne, and Tella discovered the boy she loved never really existed.

Now Tella must decide if she’s going to trust Legend or an enemy in order to protect lives, empires, and hearts. Not only that, Scarlett must do the impossible after unearthing a secret that alters her life. Lastly, Legend must make a decision that will change and define who he is forever.

Despite Caraval ending, the greatest game they’ve ever played is just getting started. However, there’s no audience now, just those who are going to win and those that will inevitably lose everything.




So, it’s been two weeks from when I finished reading Finale and writing this review. There are many reasons for this. First there’s my mental health and I just had to step away from being on the computer all the time. Second, life got super busy and I couldn’t help but keep reading without writing reviews immediately afterwards. Therefore this review will not be as detailed as reviews I’ve previously posted. I will have this paragraph at the beginning of the reviews that weren’t written immediately after finishing them.

We join our crew after Caraval in a new game, real life with the Fates free and no rules. Now Tella is already familiar with Jacks, the Fate known as The Prince of Hearts, since she’s his one true love. The rest of the crew are familiar with him, but Tella is able to convince Jacks to occasionally help her. Granted, Jacks has to get something out of it as well and no one is happy that Tella goes to him. No one more than Legend, even though he keeps Tella at a distance now that he’s Emperor and Tella’s learning his secrets. Scarlett and Julian aren’t faring too well either. While Scarlett’s trying to figure out what her heart wants, and Julian making that as difficult as possible, Scarlett’s stolen away and learns an unbelievable truth about herself.

In Finale every character grows and learns secrets that lead them to who they are meant to be. In a few cases, who they become is not what any of them expect. Chasing and trying to defeat the mythical Fates without the disguise or thrill of Caraval makes everything more dangerous. Finale has twists and turns that you can’t expect and you will question which direction you want the story to go.


Favorite Quotes


“Occasionally, there are minutes that get extra seconds. Moments so precious the universe stretches to make additional room for them.”

“I used to be scared of it, but now I think love is another type of magic. It makes everything brighter, it makes people who have it stronger, it breaks rules that aren’t supposed to exist, it’s infinitely valuable.”

“Fear was a poison that people mistook as protection. Making choices to stay safe could be just as treacherous.”

“He might have been a liar and villain, but he made both things look very good.”

“I think the most magnificent things are worth living for.”


Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


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