Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

So, who thought that I, lover of all things fantasy and magic, would pick up and read a motivational book? I definitely was the last one to think that I would end up reading a book like this. But here we are! Girl, Stop Apologizing is the second book by Rachel Hollis that I have read, and I’m making a point to read more books that are out of my comfort zone. By doing this, I hope to expand my knowledge, connect with new people, and this way I’ll never run out of books to read! If I ever run out of books to read, send help immediately.




I’m going to be honest for a second. I have no clue if a motivational book actually has a plot. It’s not a story per say, and therefore I’m not sure how to approach writing a plot for this book. So what I’m going to do is explain the intention that I believe the author, Rachel Hollis, had when she sat down to write Girl, Stop Apologizing.

There is one clear message that Rachel had for her readers with Girl, Stop Apologizing. I firmly believe that Rachel wanted every single woman that read this book to embrace themselves. Can I call her Rachel, is that too familiar? Oh well, I’m going for it because I would love to be her friend. I digress. Anyways, I believe Rachel set this book up so women could realize that there are no excuses to be who they are meant to be.




Seeing as I read both Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing, it would be safe to assume that I really enjoyed these books. You’d be right, I loved every second of this book. Not only did I feel empowered after I finished reading, but I was able to realize that motivational books can change your mindset.

The book is broken up into three different sections. First Rachel lists out the excuses that she had been living with that held her back. Now these excuses are ones that Rachel had been telling herself. I could relate to most if not all of these same excuses, and I bet you can too. I love that. Not that I’ve been making up excuses that have been holding me back from my dreams, but Rachel had been telling herself these things too. Even though she has had all this success and seems so sure of herself, Rachel freaking Hollis is just like the rest of us.

Alright, the second section. In this section, Rachel lists out some behaviors that she adopted and found helpful. I adopted some of these behaviors since they were touched upon in Girl, Wash Your Face. My favorite behavior is a process that Rachel calls 10, 10, 1. This is 10 years, 10 dreams, 1 goal. Rachel tells how to do this in her book. I use one of Rachel’s Start Today Journals that is already set up.

The final section is skills to learn to help you step into yourself. My favorite part is that some of these skills are not usually considered skills. For example: confidence. Normally, I don’t think of confidence as a skill. However, realizing that I can learn to be confident and grow my confidence changed my perspective. Now I believe that I can learn to do anything and acquire the traits I want, to be who I want to be.


Favorite Quotes

“You are allowed to want more for yourself for no other reason than because it makes your heart happy.”

“Women especially are so brutal on themselves, and they often talk themselves out of their own dreams before they even attempt them.”

“You’re not going to achieve anything if you don’t get comfortable with the idea of achievement.”


Star Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5


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