Get to Know Auggie!

Alright, to know Auggie means you need to know the basics first. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about this little floof:

    1. He is a papillon, that’s a type of spaniel (I had to Google that).
    2. Auggie will be 8 years old in August.
    3. That is 6.5 pounds of fur, pretty sure he is 85% floof.
    4. The only ‘trick’ he knows is sit.
    5. Blanket stealer, he is currently sitting on a pile of 5 of my blankets.


Origin Story


I got Auggie when he was 2 years old. Granted I knew him since he was a very tiny puppy because he was my uncle’s dog originally. Through the very sudden passing of my uncle, I inherited the 6.5 pounds of floof that was Auggie. Even though I wish these circumstances never had to happen, I am grateful that I have Auggie and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.


Life with the Floof


So what’s it like living with a dog that is smaller than most cats? One part amazing and one part constantly watching where I step. Auggie is definitely not like most dogs. Oh sure, he loves taking naps, getting loved on, and treats. But what about playing with toys, going on walks, or enjoying car rides? No, that would be a big fat no. Most toys are too big and he doesn’t know what to do with them. I’ve tried taking him for walks. We get to the first corner and that is where he sits down and refuses to move until I carry him home. Car rides? Oh my goodness, he loves the end destination, but he shakes and pants the entire way there. Unless I put the cooled seat on for him, then he relaxes just a bit.


What I Love most about Auggie


My favorite thing about Auggie is that he loves to hang out with me. Even if he does steal all my blankets, Auggie will just lay on the couch with me and listen to anything I have to say. It’s like going to therapy for free, at my house, and with my dog. What’s better than that? Probably when I come home and he barks and jumps for joy at the sheer sight of me.

The amount of sass that is packed into his tiny body is impressive. Papillons tend to think very highly of themselves and are extremely intelligent. This dog literally thinks he is the king of the blanket pile. Our schedule has to happen on time every day otherwise he will let me know I’m slacking in my job as servant. Dinner isn’t being prepared and served at exactly 5:30 PM? Auggie will literally sit right next to me and stare disappointingly at me until I get up and go into the kitchen. I love this about him because not only does he keep me on schedule, but the audacity Auggie has that he thinks he can control me when I can literally sit on him is a quality I wished I possessed.


Auggie’s Favorite Things


Auggie loves people. I like to think of myself as his favorite person ever, but I think I’m tied with my dad for that spot. Dad gives Auggie a lot of treats and scraps, another favorite of Auggie’s, despite my constant scolding. Besides the people he lives with, Auggie just adores my grandma. “Auggers, wanna go to Grandma’s?” Instant whining and he’s scratching at the door to leave. Grandma loves Auggie just as much and she enjoys when he visits. Actually, I’m pretty sure she gets more excited about Auggie than she does me. When it’s time to leave, Auggie will hide underneath her chair in the kitchen and look at me like I’m crazy for even suggesting we leave this magical woman he loves so much. I know, I’m horrible to suggest we go home.

Besides napping and demanding to be fed, Auggie’s favorite hobby is licking my stuff. I like to think of it as he approves of the things I have. This has led me to show Auggie anything new that I buy or find for approval. Nine times out of ten, the item I show him gets licked after sniffing it for a few seconds. The times Auggie doesn’t lick something, I immediately question my life choices. Licking my books however, is where I draw the line. Out of everything I have, my books are the one thing I don’t want Auggie to lick. Auggie doesn’t like to play by the rules and does it anyways, usually when I’m in the middle of reading too.


To conclude, I would just like to share all the names that I have given this little floof that has become the center of my entire world.

  • Full Name: Augustus
  • Known As: Auggie
  • Nicknames: Auggs, Auggers, Little Mister, Pillow Pup, Blankey Theif, Pupper, Puppy, Auggie Doggie, Augger Dogger, and Hey You.

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